• Ambush interview on December 21, 2010.
  • The traffic on Katipunan Avenue is manageable. (Note: The preposition “along is also a fine substitute.)
  • The lecture will have an effect on the student’s perception on politics.
  • The victim was punched on the navel.
  • It was posted on www.gov.ph yesterday.
  • DFA’s press releases were published on their website.


  • Some folks in the uplands believe in the power of talismans.
  • The executive issuance was published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer.


  • The statement was made public during the interview with Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda.


  • The press briefings by Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda are held almost daily.

Replaced by and replaced with
Note that the phrases replaced by and replaced with are both correct. Replaced with has a passive voice. Replaced by is in the active voice.

Active: The injured fighter was replaced by a newbie. (In this sentence, the newbie is doing the replacing.)

Passive: The busted incandescent bulb was replaced with LED bulbs. (Obviously, the LED bulbs did not do the replacing themselves.)

Compared with and compared to
Compared with is used to juxtapose objects that have the same aspects. Compared to is used to compare objects of different aspects.

Compared with arroz caldo, goto has a lighter taste and less viscous.

I often compare life to a pinball game.

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